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The point of our library is to give you value and access to our experience.

We are dedicated to helping you find greater wellbeing in mind, body and being through our work – regardless of your location and circumstances. Our library provides online access to free resources, including articles, Body Mind Sol’s blog posts and Sol’s journal as well as exercise videos. Use the material available to stay on track and motivated in your journey to establishing a strong movement and mindfulness practice. We’re here to support you. Please contact us directly with any further questions or comments.

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Latest Article

Body, Mind and Sol: The secret to perfect posture

June 19, 2016

Why does posture matter? It expresses our inner state. Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behaviour and our behaviour changes our outcome

Latest Video

10 min Yoga Sequence: Core & Hips

June 29, 2016

Struggling to get out of bed and come to our classes? Enjoy this 10 min warming hip and core yoga sequence. It’s also a great tool post work.

Latest Blog Entry

Reform Your Workout

March 22, 2017

Precision, specificity and repetition may all sound like very boring ingredients for a fun workout. If you are looking to have more ease and flow in your movement patterns return from an injury or, in fact, injury-proof your body, reformer Pilates may be just the deal. Popular with dancers since its inception almost a century […]

Latest from Sol's Journal

Mindfulness, Meditation & Flow State

March 9, 2017

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming buzzwords and that trend has good and bad effects.  As the words entered mainstream culture, they started getting used rather loosely to describe practices like movement meditation, mindful eating and even just “practices done to feel good and look after yourself” as I read in one article. It’s true, mindfulness […]