Meditation Station

Ever wondered what mindfulness and meditation on tap would look like? Well, how about people sitting in change rooms, at train stations, in waiting areas and other random places and silently listening to calming tracks on their wireless headsets? Cue: blissful smile and a more relaxed workforce.

We’ve done what we long thought impossible. Broken through some of the main objections thrown at us by our clients at every opportunity: time, availability, ease of use, privacy, noise. In an innovative concept, we’ve partnered with Silent Sounds and Kit and Ace to provide free mindfulness sessions in pop-up areas and spaces. If our first sessions in the Kit and Ace Sydney flagship store were anything to go by, we’re on the money. Beginners and highly experienced practitioners alike were enamoured with the short mindfulness meditations guided by our founder Sol Walkling.

What brings us the most joy is to witness the look of sheer bliss and calm on their faces, their yoga-stoned expressions after our sessions. So we’ve decided to go one further and literally make meditation so accessible, there can be no possible objection – or so we hope. Throughout March, you are not only invited to join us for meditation classes and mindfulness sessions at our main studio and Kit and Ace, we have also set up a meditation station in one of the Kit and Ace change rooms – fully kitted out with Disrupt Sports mat, Bang & Olufsen headsets and Kit and Ace’s own in-house meditation app.

It may be an unlikely meditation for beginners heaven… But where else can you fully escape the rat race of the CBD for 15 minutes of meditative bliss?

We’re also making the service available as part of our corporate services. Enquire within.

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