Paradise Pilates: Fiji Core Galore

Welcome back! If your core is fairly deconditioned, I can currently really relate. After several weeks of mainly yoga, swimming and kayaking, I am slowly building back up to looking and feeling like a Pilates instructor. With your core, less can often be more – in particular if you are generally quite sporty and your idea of a good abdominal workout is crunches gym style – no disrespect, there’s certainly room for those too, if they suit you… but… (and a resounding one at that)

From my personal experience though (and taking off my instructor hat for a second), I’d say years of doing sit-ups in gyms and general classes did nothing to prevent a back injury (Pilates instructor hat on: they probably contributed if anything) but the moment I started Pilates, I could work through any injuries much more easily and prevent old and new ones from happening… Anyhow, I give you my second Paradise Pilates Fiji video… Core Galore. I hope you enjoy! Solx

P.S.: If I look tired and exhausted in the video that’s because I spent a whole day in the sun kayaking and diving… Ahhh… living the sweet life! x



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