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Despite my broken foot, I’ve been a busy bee shooting over the last few weeks. It’s amazing how much you can cheat walking, running and even single leg squats when you’re incapacitated. Although some of my efforts required a fair bit of voltarengel, lots of ice and a strong resolve. But I think the end results will all be worth it. Here are a few new shots that aren’t even released yet with two oldies (and an intact and healthy foot) thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Sol x

This is a shot taken last week for the packaging of my first ever DVD workout for Core Isolators. I think I don’t need to tell you just how exciting this project is, as it shows in my face. Love the outfit I’m wearing too btw! I’m currently inseparable from my purple 2XU top and those tri pants have been to the Outback and back and through my first ever Half Ironman. (Don’t worry, I got some new ones but the same model for this year’s training!)


And here’s a shot from the week I refractured my foot and got to shoot, once again, with the talented Jason Ierace. The “dream” shot is just one of several hundred Jason must’ve taken on the day, took about two minutes to get and the result took my breath away. (After working as a model since I was 16, that doesn’t happen too often!) Unfortunately, you can’t really see the amazing backlight, fountain and table detail too well but I’ll make sure I’ll post a higher res image when I get it from Nutrimetics – who I was shooting for.



A few weeks ago, I shot for Women’s Health again. This time workouts designed by James Duigan from Bodyism (and Elle’s trainer) for the South African and Australian versions of the mag. Apparently the latest issue on newsstands already has some of the pics in it… Go check it out. You’ll see exercises like the superman and single leg squat – on my good foot.




And here’s a shot I haven’t shared yet from happier foot times, modelling for Teva. I remembered those images yesterday as Lyndon Marceau, the guy in the shot in front of me, is also a photographer… We did a quick shoot for Trail Run mag together yesterday arvo and got great results in, uhm 20 minutes! (The sun was setting, so we had to work as quickly as we could.) Lyndon is not only an outdoor sports nut, he also likes shooting athletes in their natural habitats – trails, waterfalls, roads… :-) If you’d like to get in touch with him, check out his website here.


And lastly, look at those feet! Ironically, Teva sandals and my bike shoes were all I could wear for the first week when my bone was bruised, then broken. Let’s hope for a quick return to full health now that I’ve been in boots and on crutches for almost two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me? Toes perhaps too!


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  • I feel your pain! I fractured my third metatarsal during a rugby match last year- and still played the rest of the season!! I think it builds character!! xx

    • solwalkling

      Wow! How long were you off your foot for? And did you rest entirely? I really cannot grasp that concept.