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BMS has partnered with Sports Camps Australia to host Yoga Camps for children – with a twist. Our “campers”, ages 6-14, will move through different yoga sequences each day and an array of fun and challenging activities as part of the Path of the Dancing Warrior Program.

Boys and girls are invited to explore movement and mindfulness with our team of coaches. Together, we’ll raise up a storm.

Highlights include

  • Acro Yoga, Circus & Gymnastics
  • Drums, Didge & Dance
  • Survival Skills, Tracking & Dreamtime

Why Path of the Dancing Warrior?

Through teaching children how to mindfully connect with themselves, each other and their environment, we create the basis for compassionate listening, meditation, team work, creative problem solving and an understanding of sustainability and nature awareness.

A short daily yoga practice and meditation, help create body awareness and build the cornerstone of our program, while activities such as didge, drum and dance offer a fun and healthy way to shake loose and release tension.

Quieter moments include dreamscapes, story weaving, facepainting and gentle music whereas our acro yoga, circus and gymnastics component are highly interactive and offer a healthy challenge.

Our favourite aspect is perhaps the “rewild your child” part, which brings in nature exploration, weather meditation, survival skills and dreamtime.

Kids walk away with a renewed sense of confidence, wonder and connectedness as well as learning healthy ways of relating through creative forms of expression, working in teams and the group and centering themselves in any situation.


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