Sydney Olympic Park


We expanded into Sydney Olympic Park in early 2016.  Offering outdoor lunchtime classes got off to a hugely successful start with our initial SOPA Lifestyle Members program  sold out within 2 hours.

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from the mostly beginner clients and high demand, we are pleased to now also offer corporate partnerships and wellbeing programs in your offices to our clients at Homebush, Parramatta and surrounding areas. Please head to our corporate wellbeing page for more info.

Clients of Sydney Olympic Park Lifestyle’s exclusive members benefit program will continue with twice weekly yoga and Pilates lunchtime classes at Jacaranda Square and near The Brick Pit. Suitable for beginners, the sessions are designed to be gentle enough to start clients on their journey into greater wellbeing, yet strong enough to provide a moderate challenge for experienced practitioners.

Classes run during school term only, are weather dependent and are limited to 60 clients with enrolments taken through Lifestyle. See the Lifestyle Initiative website for more info on the members initiative.

Lifestyle at the Park – Sydney Olympic Park

You can find out what else we’re doing at our inner city studio.

You may also be interested in our private sessions to get you started. For corporate clients, please see our Corporate Wellbeing page.

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