We’re pleased to announce our new Athletic Partnership with Triathlon New South Wales (TNSW) to continue in our work with athletes at every level and help  improve the health and wellbeing of our broader community.

The BodyMindSol team will actively support Triathlon NSW as part of the Community Sports Link Program, an initiative of TNSW that seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide variety of other community organisations and franchises, to enable collaboration between partners towards a common goal of improving the health and well-being of our communities.


With our home base studio located in Andrew Boy Charlton Pool and an arrangement with Sydney Olympic Park, entailing that there is a central location in both the East and the West of the Sydney Region as well as sessions at the location of your choice.

As part of the partnership, TNSW Members will receive:

1) A free initial class per Member.

2) A 20% discount off the retail price of each subsequent Pilates, yoga or meditation class (studio sessions, private sessions, external group sessions and corporate bookings included).

3) A monthly article from BodyMindSol published in the TNSW newsletter.

4) The option to hire the BodyMindSol studio located in Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for club or group bookings.


To read more about the partnership, click here for our news release.