Corporate Wellbeing


Discover our tailored and expert approach to your business’ new mind body program – based on our experience establishing successful private offerings, classes and events for Sydney studios and companies since 2010.

Experience the benefits of a more motivated, healthier and happier workforce as you introduce a dedicated approach to employee wellbeing – and retention – to your workplace. We see it everywhere we teach: movement transforms, even just in small doses, and the effects of a well-run program are immediate and long lasting.

What sets us apart is our dedication and experience in creating, guiding and establishing your corporate wellbeing initiative.. We will bring you the full spectrum from dance class over intranet material, month-long intensives to corporate wellbeing days.

Booking a Corporate Session

To enquire about our corporate programs and book a corporate session, please contact Body Mind Sol directly for a quote.

Quite simply this really is the very best thing that I have ever done for myself! It is such a joy to have a private hour each week that is just for my fitness and wellbeing. Sol has wonderful teaching skills. She is knowledgeable, responsive and personable. She explains the philosophy and theory behind the movements which I find very interesting and helpful. This is an investment in myself I will continue. It is a necessary luxury!

Madeleine Schneider, Solicitor

Experience the transformative power of mindful, functional movement.

Let’s find out how we can help you transform into a healthier, fitter and happier you today!