DJ at Dusk

Photography can be unpredictable. Quite often, I’ll be trying to nail a shot where I have painstakingly worked on composition, light and camera settings and still only get an okay result – just to turn around and get the most awesome snapshot of something totally random. As Ken Duncan would probably say, it’s about that moment when everything just comes together, that sudden connection. Call it inspiration, call it luck. I get goosebumps when it happens.

And here’s exactly that kind of shot. I’d been taking river sunset shots on a Hamburg ferry for a travel article and, since light had dropped too low to shoot on a moving object with my Canon 40D – even at highest ISO setting -, my friend and I decided to head for dinner instead. As we got off the boat onto the pier, I spied a dj setting up in the little cabin on the dock. The contrast of brightly-lit interior and day turning into night outside caught my eye. I lifted my camera and at the very moment I pressed the release, the dj jumped in the air. Perfect!

DJ gets lift-off

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  • solwalkling

    Click on the pic to see the original version. For some reason, the colours didn’t translate very well into the blog copy.