TRY THIS: New Year’s Resolution Now

With Jingle Bells playing in shopping malls, crying kids queuing for a ride with Santa and 2012 rapidly drawing to a close, have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution yet? Who are we kidding… You probably haven’t even gotten anywhere near your Christmas shopping, right?

Can I suggest to you right now – before the mania that is office and kindergarten Christmas parties, a tripled alcohol and sugar intake and weeks and weeks where the only exercise is dodging other shoppers and pushing around prams and trolleys – take a breath and time out for your New Year’s Resolution.

NYE will come – surprisingly – in less than two months and preparing yourself to start the new year with a nice goal and clean slate in advance may help you navigate through the Christmas madness.

There are various ways of coming up with resolutions and whatever works for you is great. I’d just suggest making it something nice, bright but attainable. And by setting yourself the intention now to make the resolution you may already start steering yourself towards it. Your indulgences may become less, your awareness heightened and your enjoyment could go through the roof. Because if there’s one thing as deadly to a New Year’s resolution as a drunken Santa to a sweet Christmas photo, it’s starting it off dusty as a chimneysweep with a massive food and alcohol hangover and a body that needs nothing more than two weeks detoxing on a tropical island.

For your resolution setting, remember: simple, inspiring & attainable

Here are a few suggestions for women of various ages… Let us know if you get stuck and need any more input. Happy Christmas madness, everyone!

In your 20s: Find a yoga or Pilates style  and teacher that suits you

You’re still quite supple and flexible in your 20s and you may not have had that many injuries… So now is the time to start laying some great foundations for your future. Mind body exercises make you more body aware, centred and present – helping you to really enjoy this time of boundless energy and not sweat the small stuff or live in the future.

In your 30s: Detox & meditation

Your responsibilities have likely gone through the roof in the last decade and you’re likely juggling a million balls at any given moment. Meditation helps you forget about the balls but keep them in the air with the power of a calm mind. Sitting still should be easier by now but detoxing will really help you prep and purify your body for meditation. Find a new way to tap into boundless energy!

In your 40s: Exercise date yourself

As women we quite often neglect our “me” time; and in our thirties our beautiful nurturing energy that brings people together and forms ties and families sometimes  comes at our own cost. Now is the perfect time to get over the midlife hump with a big leap of joy. Schedule exercise dates with yourself. Try something new. Perhaps rediscover a sport from your childhood. Buy some new exercise clothes. Feel and look good, young and healthy!

In your 50s and up: Strengthen your body

Looking not just after our muscles, fascia but also bone structure becomes super important as we get older. Using reformer Pilates to allow you to strengthen all your stabilising and stronger muscles and cinch yourself back into your body is a great safe and fun way to stay super fit til you hit 100 – truly, you may only just be at midlife! Look at one pic at Joseph Pilates in his 70s and you’ll know you want to do it!

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